Naked Singularity

by Dead for Denver

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2013 was a good year for Dead for Denver. But we couldn't just leave the year without giving you something new to listen to. During the writing process for the year, we'll just say that A LOT of songs were composed. These are the 8 that we picked for you to listen to now. We hope you enjoy the new tracks, and look forward to another one soon.


released December 31, 2013

All music written by Jason Lebaron and Dead for Denver. "Cosmic String" written by Jason Lebaron, and Roger Foster (Down The Rabbit Hole) "Apollo" Feat. Melati Olivia (Seris)



all rights reserved


Dead for Denver Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Naked Singularity
The entire earth is on fire, and everything will burn. All this information is another lesson learned.
I know your secrets, I know your strengths, I know your promises and all the things you hate. Killing yourself with revenge. No one ever said it was easy. How far will you take it? How long will you go?
You're looking for structure.
Stimulate the process near the body of water and it explodes. Head for the shelter. Assimilate the core and simulate the rest.
Like the motion of the sea, we collapse in singularity
Track Name: Too Late To Panic
To die for love is always romantic. Our heart is real so we attack it. If we have to die then go big, scream out loud that we were born to live.
You say that you lost your soul, and now you are stealing mine. I left mine in the fog. I left mine in the fog.
Get down, its too late to panic. I'll give you nothing. For ill have no regrets. Get down. Its too late to panic. I'll give you nothing.
and nothings what you'll get.
Arrested mind, is news to me, i choose to lie awake and never sleep. There are times when i need you more. and i need your shelter now more than i ever did before.
Killing you softly with whispers, burn you though I'm just a cinder.
Track Name: Apollo Feat. Melati Olivia
You give vague answers, we question so much more
One dead sickness is one more to endure
What’s behind the sun, with what we've accomplished
Look what we have done and choose what we will become
Stare into the sun with naked eyes, until we all go blind
So did you touch the wall, or did I just imagine it all
I can see the energy exchange.
The surface of my hands will change, for the stars that are not the same
When all is lost can you were your crown
When everything turns upside down
And just cause its right for you all don’t mean its right for me
Because you’re built from the salt and that’s all you’ll know
Chase the dark in circles from your light
While its devouring mine
No one can absorb the wait
And we never really could
The heaviness is only perception
And we will bathe the world
And if you try to erase the truth
It will only erase your soul and you’ll find nothing
And that’s all you’ll ever know
Track Name: Disassembling The Universe
It's not about what you gave. It's about everything that you will take away.
I remember the sky, like the message in your words. And as I return, the heat will burn the shell off but I'm still stuck in time. Can you hear the sound the moment your heart breaks? And you will suffer no matter how long it takes. Tell me do you find your strength in numbers? Can we end this quickly if I move faster?
I always talk too much. I'm always saying the wrong things. But I believe its one for all and I'd give it all to you. I always talk too much, i'm always falling to pieces, but I was perfect for the storm, I was perfect for the part.
This time I'm going to crash into the ground, without the urge to pull me upward.. I'm left alone here to defend it. So I'll face it on my own.
You want so bad to be right, that you are losing sight.
And I'd give it all to you.
Track Name: Hologram
You were suppressing it, while they were standing around the room. Gravity is taking over, and it's killing the moon.
It happens over and over again, like my life's on a holodeck. And the people here are projections, in a program that's meant to end. It happens over and over again. Like I'm only a hologram, and my memories are connections trapped in a mind that can not expand.
We will drown in the blue. And will will burn up in red. I always loved the color black because it looks more dead.
There are no weapons or design, that could keep you alive. and there is no defense against the infinity of time. Here is the moment of reflection, This is the moment of truth. You thought that you were killing time, but it was time that is killing you.
Because you don't believe doesn't make it untrue. and because you say you know doesn't mean it makes it so. .o.o.ooooo.ooooooo.oooo.oooo.
Track Name: Cosmic String Feat. Roger Foster
Don't underestimate the blood in your veins. The raw emotions you could never contain. You want it out but you want to believe that you can control anything.
You pull me back and forth on your string. The funny thing is I can now remember how to breathe. I never thought that this would be so hard. One minute you are gone I turn and there you are.
There is something about your face. It's vaguely familiar. There's only one way you can escape, if you are ready to sail. (but it would be wasted time again) Who knew that silence could be so loud. (time again) With nothing in motion. (time again) Longing to peer from inside out (time again) Watching the worlds ascending doubts. (wasted) Resonate, and rest upon white shores, Separate, combine the pieces and start to wonder.
Maybe its possible to destroy your own self. Without the influince of something else. And if you disappear and re materialize maybe a soul was never placed inside. No sense to go on further. Unless you must be insane. The sum that is breaking down, in a structure that culminates.
Watching the worlds acending doubt
Track Name: Re-sequenced Protons
Insulated against the truth. But is it that which is haunting you? The coal beneath the fire. Logic betrayed by your desire.
Remove my heart. I can carry all this weight until I fall apart. And you will never know the answer. Nor do you even care.
When I awake, and you're still gone. It's not the same, both side are right and wrong.
Connection that matter creates, a metaphor heading through the unexplored. Our light fades to ashes, and it was never meant for us. If there's a uniform for the insane then ill expect you in the dusk.
Track Name: Aurora
If hate is what you make, then you'll be greeted with the same regard. It might not be the best defense, but its a perfect place to start.
We make our choices, and there's no turning back. We hear the voices that echo along our path. There's no mistake and its never the wrong time. Pick up the Pieces and try not to fall behind.
Dress up the people and alter the story. Anything less than the best is a bore to see. Right here and right now were fighting for all our lives. Just a flaw in the whole design.